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Author, Maria Christensen, has more than 20 years of experience in the Danish entertainment business, most recently as Head of Operations and Visitor Services at Kronborg Castle in Elsingore, Denmark. In Marias books, she shares her knowledge and experience and provides tools on how to achieve good visitor services and how the training can be incorporated into daily routines at any venue.

In 2022 Marias publishing company 1stBalconyBooks will translate her book " 1.akt begynder med dig" into english (working title:Act 1 opens with you) and it is expected to be publish in the fall 2022.

Dansk website findes her: 

News: Act 1 opens with you (working title) is now being translated 

into English

Next release from 1stBalconyBooks is on its way. After receiving several requests for an English version of Marias books, her guide: 1. akt begynder med dig (working title: Act 1 opens with you) 

 is now being translated into British English. 

Happily, Vivienne Mckee has once again agreed to let her foreword from the Danish version be included in this new publication and it will be great to finally be able to reach countries outside Denmark with this English translation. Expected release is fall 2022.

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About author Maria Christensen

Maria has more than 20 years of experience in the Danish entertainment business, working at venues like the Royal Theater, Danish Broadcasting Coorporation´s concert halls, The Royal Library/The Black Diamond in Copenhagen and Kronborg Castle in Elsingore. 

Through this, Maria has built up an extensive experience and insight into visitor behavior and psychology, their needs and expectations. At the same time, Maria has built up an extensive experience with and understanding of the challenges it creates for venues, when they want to develop their visitor services, especially on a very busy schedule and with few resources.


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Vivienne McKee

Vivienne Mckee has agreed to let her foreword from the Danish version of Marias guide about visitor services traning, be included in the new english publication.

Read about Vivienne here:

In 1982, together with her husband as administrator, Vivienne established her own theatre company, the English Theatre of Copenhagen - calling it THE LONDON TOAST THEATRE, with the specific aim of providing English-speaking theatre productions to a Danish audience. The theatre company is now today a well-knoown and highly respected part the professional Danish Theatre world. Vivienne directs or acts, (or both!) in all of the English language productions produced by her theatre company. Shows which range from Shakespeare to new modern writers and to light entertainment.

Vivienne lives in London and Copenhagen and has a passion for travelling and experiencing different cultures and meeting people from all over the world. As she says: "Life is not a rehearsal - it's a one-off continuous show - so go for it ! "

(Source: London Toast Theatres website)

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From the foreword by Vivienne McKee

It is fortunate for Danish theatre that Maria, in her book, has the skill to explain thoroughly and succinctly the importance of every aspect of creating a true theatre experience. We need the live experience, involving customer service, the team making the dream and – as performers often call it – ’the smell of the greasepaint, and the roar of the crowd’. Enjoy Maria’s insightful tour of what makes theatre work.”

Theatre Director, Actor, Writer

Vivienne McKee

London Toast Theatre

About 1stBalconyBooks

1stBalconyBooks is a Danish publishing company owned by Maria Christensen, the author of "Publikumsservice" (Visitor Services).

The company´s mission is to develop and publish visitor services training material for the cultural industry in the hope of being able to contribute to improve the cultural experience and increase earnings.

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